The ADMIRE Project

The original ADMIRE project was funded from 2008 to 2011 under EU Framework 7.

ADMIRE collaborators

The core collaborating partners in ADMIRE are:

ADMIRE work programme

WP1 DMI Model & Language Research
Development of a new conceptual model for distributed data mining and data integration, supported by rich ontology-driven semantic description and a new data intensive systems process engineering language (DISPEL).
WP2 Architecture
Development of a new architecture to support distributed data intensive systems, including semantic registries, DISPEL enactment Gateways and automatic execution optimisation strategies.
WP3 Test, Release & Support
Test and deployment of emerging ADMIRE software for both user tools and a wide-area distributed execution Platform.
WP4 Service Infrastructure
Development of core supporting Gateway services, both generic and DISPEL-specific, as part of the emerging ADMIRE execution Platform.
WP5 Tools
Development of powerful user tools for driving DMI explorations through ADMIRE Gateways. ADMIRE tools will be based on the eclipse platform.
WP6 Applications & Evaluation
Demonstration and evaluation of ADMIRE's model, language, architecture and tools through real-world application scenarios.

ADMIRE outputs

For ADMIRE's publication outputs, please see the ADMIRE Libray.

For ADMIRE's software outputs, please see ADMIRE Software.