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Data, data everywhere...

The world is undergoing a digital-data revolution. More and more data is born digital. Almost every business, government and organisational activity is driven by data and produces data. Science, engineering, medicine, design and innovation are powered by data. This prevalence of data in all that we do is changing society, organisations and individual behaviour.

To thrive in this new environment requires new strategies, new skills and new technology.

Knowledge discovery in a data-rich world

Since 2007, the ADMIRE Project has combined these strategies, skills and technology to create a single platform for knowledge discovery, combining data access, integration, pre-processing, data mining, statistical analysis, post-processing, transformation and delivery. The ADMIRE platform features:

  • DISPEL, a powerful, Java-like language for describing complex data-intensive workflows.
  • A streaming execution engine to remove data bottlenecks.
  • Rich semantic descriptions of workflow elements based on a common network of ontologies.
  • A library of 150+ standard workflow elements for accessing, integrating, transforming and moving data.
  • Visual programming tools based on the eclipse platform.

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Benefits of the ADMIRE approach

ADMIRE's platform and strategy can automate the whole knowledge discovery process, making large-scale data analysis tasks easier and more cost-effective.

  • For domain experts it offers better-quality decision making, better use of data resources, better understanding of the use of data in business or research processes.
  • For data analysis experts it offers a powerful methodology and common language for developing data mining and integration solutions for increasingly large and complex data sets.
  • For data-intensive distributed computing engineers it offers tools and methods to separate the specification of data intensive processes from their implementations, making it easier to support the data analyis and domain experts in their chosen fields.

Learn more...

  • Data-Intensive Analytics introduces strategies for approaching large-scale knowledge discovery based on clear separation of concerns, and explores standard components and patterns found in data-intensive analysis.
  • Data-Intensive Distributed Computing introduces the DISPEL language, its definition, execution and optimisation across a range of distributed computing platforms.
  • Data-Intensive Applications illustrates the power of data-intensive methods and the use of DISPEL in a range of different businesses and research disciplines.
  • The ADMIRE Software Platform describes the software platform developed by the ADMIRE Project to explore data-intensive analytics.
  • The ADMIRE Library is a collection of reports and links to papers which provide the background to ADMIRE's programme of research.
  • The ADMIRE Project is a short guide to the original project - who we are, what we're doing!